Sunday, October 26, 2014

Democrats: Illegals and Dead People Tip the Scales?

I find it odd that the left is up in arms over voter ID laws (RACIST!), yet they are the only ones that seem to get caught committing voter fraud, voter intimidation, and, well, just plain cheating.  They insist that minorities are too stupid to obtain ID cards, but demand that law-abiding citizens provide ID for every other manner of official business.  Between the black panthers (I refuse to capitalize that) and the illegal invaders, the left might sway some key election battles with illegal votes.  Never mind that the democrat base consists of those that always vote for the biggest handout; what about the effects of illegal immigrants voting (illegally) in some of the closely contested races?

Breitbart has an interesting piece (click here to read it) that asks the tough questions, and posits that Al Franken (liberal douche-bag extraordinaire) might have won his recount as a result of illegal immigrant votes.  How much of an effect do illegal immigrants actually have on our elections?  I doubt that anyone can say with true certainty, but I believe that it's significant.  Look at all of the left's efforts to cater to the illegal invaders; do you really believe that it's done out of kindness?  That's a huge chunk of their voter base!

In the Breitbart piece, Joel Pollak states that an estimated 6.4 percent of non-citizens vote, and that 80% of those people vote democrat.  I would have guessed a higher percentage on both counts, but his numbers are probably based only on those that answer surveys honestly.  He goes on to report that voter ID laws are strikingly ineffective, since obtaining an "official" ID is disgustingly easy for illegal invaders.  I believe that while voter ID laws are not as effective as we would like them to be, they are necessary and make sense, despite the left's baseless cries of racism.

The bottom line is that foreign invaders are voting in our elections, and their choices are predictable.  Illegal invaders vote for the biggest handouts, which come by way of democrats taking from the producers and giving to the non-producers.  Pointing that out is usually decried as racist, insensitive, or whatever other buzzword the left is enjoying this week.