Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Government Ineptitude and Your Health Care

Our federal government, by its very design, is inefficient.  Our government was never intended to run a business, of any kind, and it has demonstrated repeatedly that it cannot.  Who on this earth, other than someone who is certifiably insane, would choose to put our federal government in charge of their health care when the feds have clearly demonstrated that they can't even run a cash for clunkers program?

Let's look at one of the biggest, most bloated examples of our government's inability to successfully do much of anything other than tax us:  Amtrak.  The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, also known as Amtrak, has been a loser for as long as anyone can remember.  Their 2012 financial statement (Click here) reveals that their annual net loss for that year was only 1.23 BILLION dollars.  Fans of big government would probably cheer, since that's a smaller loss than the previous year (1.34 billion). 

Compare that dreadful performance to a railroad that isn't run by Fedzilla, Union Pacific.  For 2nd quarter, 2014, UP has earned a 1.2 billion dollar net profit; that's just for one quarter (Click here to see the report)  See the difference?  

Now, let's take a peek at our beloved U.S. Postal Service.  There's a mess, if ever there was one.  As of March 31st of this year, the USPS posted a quarterly loss of 1.8 billion dollars (Click here to see for yourself)   There's no secrets to this; the Postal Service has been bleeding cash for decades.

Again, compare that to a company that the feds haven't run into the ground.  United Postal Service (UPS) earned a net profit of 4.37 billion dollars in 2013 (See the report here). This is starting to look like a trend, isn't it?

Democrats would have you believe that our federal government can do a better job of managing your health care than you, or a private sector company can.  How could you possibly drink that Koolaid when you look at their track record?  The feds are incapable of running a business without it costing you and I many billions of dollars in losses.  A real company would not last if they posted the kind of losses that Fedzilla does.  Tell me again why you want them to be in charge of any part of your life?

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