Saturday, August 23, 2014

Food Wars: Alarmist Drivel from Todd Starnes

Let me preface this piece by stating that I usually enjoy reading Todd Starnes' column on Fox.  Not so today.  Starnes penned a piece titled, "Feds ban school's beloved pink cookie," (click here to read it).  The title would lead one to believe that the feds directly targeted a school's cafeteria, and its products, with legislation or administrative action.  In truth, the Elyria, Ohio school's traditional dessert product simply doesn't meet the nutritional constraints of this administration's (admittedly silly) school lunch requirements.  

While I think that Fedzilla is sticking its nose where it doesn't belong, Starnes' article is much ado about nothing.  He states that the USDA requirements mandate that all school snacks must contain less than 200 calories; that's not an unreasonable requirement for a "snack."  One only need look at the ingredients of the subject cookies to understand that they're far from healthy.  So, I must ask, What's the big deal here?  Residents of Elyria, Ohio can still eat as many sugary, fatty snacks as they'd like, they just can't get them in taxpayer funded school cafeterias.  Want to feed your kids junk food at school?  Pack them a lunch!

Obama's school nutritional rules are poorly executed, but I can't fault anyone for expecting that taxpayer funded school meals be somewhat nutritious. 

What are your thoughts?

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Dan O. said...

My thoughts are the same as yours, pretty much. Eat what you want when you want. When YOU are paying for it. And keep the feds out of our lunchboxes.

An additional thought, I live 8 miles from Elyria and this is the first I've heard about this. That's how much attention I pay to MSM. Little to none.