Monday, November 24, 2008

Gun Control, New Orleans Style

New Orleans, a long time haven for corrupt liberals, has some very strict gun "control" laws in place. In fact, New Orleans was the first city to file suit against gun manufacturers because of the actions of criminals (something about the manufacturers being responsible for what thugs do). I'm sure that the residents of the below sea-level city by the sea will sleep better at night knowing how safe they are from violence. Gun control curbs violence, right?

Enter a little known element known as the truth: New Orleans is the single most violent city in the nation. This is not my opinion; this is a fact. This is based on the crime data reported to the FBI in 2007.

It has been long known to those that do not base their decisions purely on emotions that gun control does nothing to prevent violence and crime. One only need look at the fine example of Washington, D.C. to see that.

Way to go New Orleans! You make us all proud!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama Voters

The starstruck reaction of the average Obama voter was, at the very least, entertaining. Seeing first hand how utterly ignorant they are would be entertaining if I could forget that these individuals have placed their messiah in the Oval Office.

Media bias has been quite clear for years now, but this is yet another vivid demonstration of that bias. It's hardly surprising, but it speaks volumes about American voters, and our beloved "mainstream" media.