Friday, October 24, 2008

Texas Executions

The death penalty is alive and well in the great state of Texas. Thank God. Various whiners had put a brief damper on the most efficient state in the death penalty "standings," but Texas has bounced back.

Texas is averaging two per week, with a goal of making up lost ground after the Supreme Court halted all executions that utilized lethal injections. The halt was brief, but just long enough to create a log-jam in Texas. That's getting fixed.

One critic of the increase in the pace of executions, Alvin Kelly, said that, "It's just the way of Texas," and, "They're just killing people." Oh, yeah, Kelly sort of killed a family of three, including a 22 month old baby.

I, for one, applaud Texas for stepping up the pace. Let's clear out ALL of the stagnant death rows across the nation. The inhabitants of them have been found guilty, sentenced to die, and just linger there, wasting our money and time. Get the job done already!

I'm sure that opponents of the death penalty will label this post as offensive. It can't be nearly as offensive as having your family wiped out by one of the monsters that are scheduled to be executed.