Thursday, August 7, 2008

Small Justice for Compean and Ramos

While our Border Patrol Agents, Compean and Ramos, rot in prison for shooting a drug smuggling invader in the buttocks, the invader (who was repeatedly given immunity to testify against our Agents in a U.S. court) has finally received a bit of punishment for his crimes.

Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila was a repeat offender at the time of the Compean and Ramos trial, a fact that the prosecutor hid from the jury. That particular pinhead, Johnny Sutton, had to keep re-writing the immunity deal for Davila, because Davila kept getting caught with many hundreds of pound of drugs in his stolen vehicles while smuggling the crap into the U.S.

Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R, CA) had the following choice words describing Sutton's disgusting tactics:

"The fact Sutton's office knew Davila was a multiple offender prior to the Compean and Ramos trial and moved to keep that information from jury in order to punish the good guys for procedural mistakes, is an absolute disgrace."

Rohrbacher nailed it! Many have pointed out that the shooting of Davila was indeed nothing more than a procedural mistake, not a violation of law. Other law enforcement agencies would allow the use of deadly force under the exact same circumstances.

While Ramos and Compean are serving their 11 and 12 year sentences (respectively), Davila was sentenced to 9 1/2 years in a federal prison.
I think that the Border Patrol needs to work on their marksmanship and weapons handling training. Had Ramos and Compean's shooting been more effective, no immunity in the world would have allowed the drug smuggling invader to testify against them. It could have possibly kept two more hard working agents on the force, and saved the taxpayers a heap of money.

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