Monday, August 11, 2008

Energy Insanity Editorial

For some time now, we've been getting the shaft in the energy department. Prices at the pump are outrageous, arab nations are giggling so hard that their ribs are sore, and our inept politicians are catering to tinfoil hat wearing whackos like the Sierra Club.

As the whackos come out of the woodwork and claim that drilling for oil is evil and will destroy our planet, where is their outcry when Russia, China and Cuba drill in those same offshore areas that the whackos claim should not be drilled? It's not bad for the planet if other nations drill there, but it's horrible for the planet if we do? I'm sure that those other nations will implement much safer practices when they drill (take a look at China's stance on the environment...pollution in China is like below sea level homes in New Orleans).

The Democrat led legislative branch with the uber-high approval rating (yes, even worse than Bush's rating) has come up with a brilliant strategy. They intend to unveil an 84 billion dollar subsidy for experimental energy sources. Since they've shown themselves to be so skilled at spending our (yes; yours and mine, not their) money, I'm sure we'll see the government buying, or subsidizing, pet rocks, reactors that run on pocket lint, and other, equally idiotic schemes. The Goracal will probably be sponsoring wind powered cars before too much longer...

Congress' next big plan? Tax the hell out of oil companies. I'm not a business major, but if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on those oil companies passing the taxes on to their customers. This will have the effect of...wait for it...INCREASING prices at the pump, not decreasing them. Maybe our enemies have spiked the water supply to the Capitol building with I.Q.-lowering toxins; stranger things have ocurred.

We have enormous oil assets off our coasts and in Alaska. Congress refuses to allow their use by us, but turns a blind eye while many of those assets are being harvested by slant drilling that those fun folks from Russia and China are engaging in. We have the materials and technology to greatly increase our use of nuclear energy for electricity. It has been the safest and cleanest form of energy in many communities for years now. Don't believe it? Look up the industrial fatalities, and cancer rates surrounding nuclear power plants versus fossil fuel power plants.

This is a recurring, and large problem. Our elected, and appointed, tormentors are not doing anything to help matters, and much to hinder things. Increasing taxes, expanding government programs, hindering businesses, catering to environmentalist whackos...sounds like a certain party has shifted into overdrive.

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