Friday, May 23, 2008

Guns Don't Kill People, I Do!

A car dealership in Butler, Missouri is making waves with their offer to throw in a "Free gun" with the purchase of an automobile. Max Motors' ad campaign has some fine print, but the concept remains: they're offering a gun to go with the car.

I'd like to know why this is a big deal? Why am I reading about this in the news thousands of miles away? If they offered a baseball bat with a car purchase, would that be a big deal?

It's downright shameful that guns have a bit of a negative aura about them in today's society. That's the European influence creeping in. Far too many people can't seem to remember that we left Europe for a reason: Freedom. Now, once again, the influence of Europe is eroding our freedoms. It's now not "chic" to talk about owning a gun (oooh! scary!). Laws in many states inhibit our right to own these simple tools.

Our nation is producing an alarming number of citizens that are afraid of firearms. I'm not sure why that is. They should be more afraid of their own bodies. More people are killed every year by cancer, heart disease, and diabetes than are killed by firearms in this nation. Don't even look at automobiles; they top guns in the fatality department every year too.

Those whose decision-making process is ruled by emotion would like the rest of us to believe that guns are bad. Guns are as bad as shovels, hammers, axes, trucks, or any other tool. Any of those are capable of being used as a deadly weapon. Where's the outrage when a child kills somebody with a car?

All of this hoopla about guns is getting tiresome. I wish the emotional dolts that live in ignorance would move back to their beloved Europe.

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