Friday, April 25, 2008

Questioning Libya's Credentials

While it may surprise some, Libya does indeed hold a seat on the U.N. Security Council. Now, before you immediately shout, "That's absurd!" look at the reasons behind it. Libya is a sovereign nation, and giving Libya greater legitimacy could curb the influence of terrorist organizations in Libya.

These may sound like good reasons, but isn't Libya a bastion of terrorism? CNS News has an interesting article about this issue, with a twist.
"A day after Libya's deputy envoy compared Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip to those of the Nazis -- sparking a walkout by several ambassadors -- Ibrahim Dabbashi went a step further Thursday, telling reporters that Israel's policies were in fact "worse" than those of the Nazis in their concentration camps."
I'm not sure if Dabbashi is high on drugs, or if he truly expects the rest of the world (excluding Iran and Syria) to buy this stuff. Giving a nation like Libya a spot on the Security Council is like giving Charlie Manson parole, a chain saw, and the key to a nursing home; any guesses as to what he would do?

My favorite part of the article is when a high ranking person that actually possesses a set of intact testicles, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman, says, "This is what happens when the security council is infiltrated by terrorists." GASP! Did he really say that out loud?

I can't imagine that Dabbashi's antics really come as any surprise to anyone. I'd still like to buy Gillerman a beer.

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