Thursday, April 10, 2008

Does Anybody Care About the Olympics Anymore?

It's no surprise that countless groups are in an uproar over the lack of human rights in China and Tibet. I'm not sure why they appear surprised that a far left government doesn't embrace human rights, but I digress...The Olympic games are slated to be held in China, and the professional victims are nearly up in arms over it.

San Francisco, that bastion of freedom (just ask the Marines), had to have police officers escort the runners carrying the Olympic torch; protesters made it too dangerous for the runners. Protesters in Paris (yes, French people actually stood up for something) caused the torch to actually be extinguished. Hillary has even asked our President to boycott the opening ceremony.

All I can do is ask, "Why?" What possible good do these protesters think they are doing by soiling an age old gathering of amateur athletes? The debacle of Olympic boycotts should have taught us a lesson (as should the rest of Carter's presidency). Apparently, some groups are very slow learners. The only thing that Olympic boycotts accomplish is skewing the competition. Aside from that, it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

All of the people that are readily making asses of themselves over the Olympics will look back on this and, unless they're too high on drugs to think clearly, realize that they wasted their time and efforts. Cooler heads will prevail and, thankfully, allow our athletes to compete in the Olympic Games. Does anyone even care about the games anymore? These protesters need to realize that their beef is with the Olympic Committee, and not the runners carrying the torch.

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